Rights Management Services Analyzer Tool v1.0.1.478

Use the RMS Analyzer tool to help you analyze the settings, configuration, and health of your Rights Management services (RMS) and the client applications that use RMS. The tool works with both AD RMS and Azure RMS. Users can check the RMS settings on their computers, then diagnose and fix any problems they are having with files or emails that are protected by RMS. Administrators can check RMS service health and the configuration of on-premises servers that use RMS. The tool’s interface is self-explanatory without the need for instructional documentation. Just run it and let it guide you.

RMS Analyzer provides the following features:

* Diagnostic options for users and admins…

  • Azure RMS user – checks the local client configuration for Azure RMS
  • Azure RMS admin – checks Azure RMS service health
  • Azure RMS connector – checks RMS connector service health and the configuration of Exchange, FSRM, and SharePoint servers that use the connector
  • AD RMS user – checks the local client configuration for AD RMS
  • AD RMS admin – checks AD RMS service health

* Diagnostic tests that check…

  • RMS client registry settings
  • MS Office 2010, 2013, and 2016 registry settings
  • RMS service discovery
  • RMS certificates and trust
  • RMS certification, licensing, and pre-licensing functionality
  • Azure RMS prerequisites (required hotfixes, registry key settings, Microsoft Online Sign-in Assistant, etc.)

* Remediation that…

  • Fixes RMS client registry settings
  • Fixes MS Office registry settings
  • Installs missing Azure RMS prerequisites
  • Restores the RMS client to the default state

* Additional controls to…

  • View local RMS settings, data, and installations
  • Reset local RMS settings to the default state
  • Collect trace logs for real-time RMS problems on client computers
  • View service information for RMS deployments
  • Do group membership checks on groups and policy templates
  • Download policy templates to view settings
  • Register, unregister or update an AD RMS Service Connection Point (SCP)
  • Check the federation services configuration for Azure RMS
  • Check an Exchange server’s configuration for RMS connector
  • Check an FSRM (w/FCI) server’s configuration for RMS connector
  • Check a SharePoint server’s configuration for RMS connector
  • Run diagnostics against specific AD RMS servers using machine names
  • Run diagnostics against AD RMS servers in trusted forests

By installing and using the software you accept the License terms which are located in the zip folder download. If you do not accept the terms, do not install or use the software.

If you have feedback, questions, or technical problems using RMS Analyzer, email the RMS Analyzer Tool Team

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