Roboform 6.9.0


* 6.9.0: Bug fixes.
* 6.8.9: Add Adapter tab to RoboForm Options, Adapter can be installed/uninstalled from it.
* 6.8.9: Further fixes for IE 7 Protected Mode on Vista.
* 6.8.8: Install Firefox Adapter without calling up the browser.
* 6.8.8: Fix crash on Vista caused by interaction of DEP and ATL.
* 6.8.6: Make RoboForm work in Protected Mode of IE7 on Vista, many changes.
* 6.8.6: New adapter attachment scheme for Firefox family of browsers.
Now RoboForm2Go can attach to Firefox even if Adapter is not installed.
* 6.8.6: Introduce Passcards that can click a link/button even if there is no forms.
* 6.8.6: Improve AutoSubmit to handle sites where JS prefills the forms such as
* 6.8.6: Implement workaround for a bug in Windows Live (MSN) toolbar.
* 6.8.6: Add (Clear History) command to the ‘Search Files’ window pull-down.
* 6.8.6: Add Export to IE Favorites and Firefox bookmarks.
* 6.8.6: Add Import of Search Engines to SearchCards from IE and Firefox.
* 6.8.6: Support SeaMonkey 1.1 in Adapter.
* 6.8.6: Add Enterprise Policies that allow System Administrators to customize and exclude RoboForm features and to force password policies such as minimal length, add Policy Editor to edit Enterprise Policies.
* 6.8.6: Add Enterprise version of RoboForm that allows offline activation and Enterprise Policies.
* 6.8.6: Add COM-based SDK to RoboForm that allows to program automatic execution of long navigation, form filling and submission sequences driven by data from a database.

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