Rolling out Upgrade from ISA 2000 to ISA 2004 Firewall Client

From Bob on the Message boards at:

Ok…I have seen a few dead threads about Upgrading the client.

Here are the two scripts to first uninstall the ISA 2000 client and then install the ISA 2004 client.

Uninstall ISA 2000 client:

msiexec /x \\<isa2000 computer>\mspclnt\MS_FWC.MSI /quiet /norestart

Install ISA 2004 client:

msiexec /i \\<isa2004 computer>\mspclnt\MS_FWC.msi /quiet

We have Auto Detect running and I think the only issue is that the web proxy settings do not get updated until the computer is rebooted.  If you really wanted to, you could force a reboot with the second script by using the /forcerestart.


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