Rollup 1 for Antigen 9.0 with Service Pack 2

The Rollup 1 for Antigen 9.0 with Service Pack 2 has been released.

According to the post by the Microsoft Forefront Team, these are the issues resolved by this rollup:

  • Rollup 1 for Antigen for Exchange version 9.0 with SP2 contains additional diagnostic logging features for the Cloudmark engine
  • The StarEngine service is stopped when SpamCure is deselected
  • Scan engine updates fail and the Antigen logs do not provide a valid error
  • Mail is not scanned after you apply a new template in Antigen 9.0
  • The AntigenClient.exe process in Antigen for Exchange version 9.0 may crash. This generates a Dr. Watson crash that references Bucket ID 1177692600
  • Engine deprecation notifications continue to be sent even though the engine was disabled from all scan jobs and scanner updates.
  • AntigenService crashes in Antigen 9.0 after you save changes that you made in the Antigen General Options panel
  • Antigen 9.0 may detect that valid Office 2003 Word documents contain CorruptedCompressedFile viruses
  • Antigen 9.0 may generate the following error in the ProgramLog.txt: “ERROR: AntigenInternet process returned 80010105 while processing message”
  • A scan engine update fails and generates a warning in the ProgramLog.txt file

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