Royal Navy Sails Ahead with ISA Firewall Training

The Royal Navy’s communication and information systems training unit (CITSU) is using new training solutions to ensure staff are up to date with the latest technology advances.

Few organisations need to use their computer and IT systems as efficiently or effectively as the Royal Navy, says Lieutenant Mark Bowers, with systems required to be operated and maintained to the highest level because of the demanding nature of applications.

To ensure this happens, the HMS Collingwood training unit is teaching service personnel to use its computer and information systems.

‘Due to the ever changing nature of computer and information systems, it is crucial that we keep the knowledge of our staff as current as possible,’ said Bowers. ‘As the lead training unit, our aim is to stay one step ahead in the use of technology.’

It is using Taylor Made Training Solutions to provide information on new and emerging technologies, online training and to support its training requirements.

‘Several of our staff, including instructors and network administrators, have attended seminars,’ Bowers said.

‘These range from training in Windows operating systems to bespoke network security, SharePoint administration training, VB scripting and ISA firewall training.’

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