RPC over HTTP performance

I’ve been using RPC over HTTP to check my email since it was released. I remember setting it up for the first time and having an absolute nightmare to get all the differnet servers talking to each other through firewalls etc. Having said that, I only use email over the internet (as its known in Small Business Server 2003) to check my email. Our office LAN is seperate to our production servers, so we only ever access our exchange servers this way.

I have been getting reports from some customers that they experience annoyingly long waits for outlook to open. Meanwhile outlook is frozen downloading stuff. I’m interested to hear back from people. Especially regarding experiences when using differnet internet connection speeds. If you use a 56k modem to use RPC over HTTP, or whatever you connection type, then get in touch. I’ll be writing up results so we can better advise regarding preferred WAN connection speeds and connection types for RPC over HTTP.

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