Rubrik nows runs natively in both AWS and Azure

The startup Rubrik Cloud Data Management platform has grown greatly in its short time on the market. Fueling this even more, they’ve recently expanded their software to support native cloud applications in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Rubrik is now able to run directly in the cloud platforms of AWS and Azure. This means that it is no longer necessary to run indexing, backup, replication, archival, management, analysis and recovery from an on-premises Rubrik data appliance to send data between the cloud services. Instead, users can simply run Rubrik in the cloud for their apps or data

What is Rubrik?

Rubrik is attempting to be a one-stop shop, offering “data protection, search, analytics, compliance, and copy data management — all in one platform.”

The software can be run both on-premises and in the cloud, particularly appealing to the large majority of businesses that employ a hybrid cloud approach, which according to IDC, will be more than 80 percent of IT organizations by the end of this year. They also sell a software-only version that is used in remote and branch offices.


Working across multiple clouds is almost a necessity to survive in today’s cloud wars, with the majority of businesses not only using the hybrid cloud with on-premises and cloud storage but also have deployments across many different clouds. Vendor lock-in is one of the biggest issues often cited when enterprises are asked about concerns or features they search for.

Larger enterprises do not wish to simply eat the cost of their legacy systems, but still see the benefits of a cloud approach. This leads to cloud aggregation and optimization services also being in high demand. One of Rubrik’s most important features, one that it would be unlikely to succeed without, is the fact that it can easily be used across multiple cloud services.

More companies and enterprises migrating applications to the cloud means that they will need to protect their data in a different way, particularly those businesses that are brand new to implementing a cloud approach. It’s imperative to find a structured, safe solution to manage this data.

Rubrik functions by freeing their data from its underlying infrastructure, encapsulating the data with rich services. This includes “policy, security, automation, access control, compliance, and search” to help users have the ability to move their data across different environments.

According to Rubrik’s CEO Bipul Sinha, “Our product has been built with the cloud in its architecture. This is Rubrik’s strength.”

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What’s new about this update?

This recent update is able to provide snapshots consistent with the application and restore in the cloud. Not only this, but users are also now offered the ability to replicate data between clouds and control data protection services for native cloud applications through a single control plane.

One of the most important side-effects of these features is preventing vendor lock-in. With this update, it’s possible to move from one provider to another or replicate data from Azure to AWS or vice versa.

Rubrik now functions with cloud-native applications by orchestrating “all critical data management functions — including backup and recovery, replication and disaster recovery, archival, copy data management, search, and analytics.”

Along with this update also came data protection for cloud-native applications running in AWS and Microsoft Azure. If you are an enterprise and would like to protect these applications, it’s possible to enroll in Rubrik’s Early Access Program.

Some of the benefits users can receive by running this software on public cloud include:

  • Quick startup speed “by deploying Rubrik as a software instance on AWS and Azure.” This allows you to “protect cloud applications, deliver inter- and intra- cloud replication … bidirectional replication between cloud and on-prem, cloud data archival, and more.”
  • As previously mentioned, avoid cloud-vendor lock-in. You can more simply migrate data among public clouds by using Rubrik.
  • Use one HTML5 interface for managing applications on-premises, at the end, and in the cloud to help achieve simplicity.
  • Easily scale applications, even if you start out very small. The Rubrik cluster grows “in lock-step with the cloud data growth.” Applications are simply scaled because of indexed data stored in one, scale-out repository.
  • Have the ability to locate and deliver recoveries consistent with the application for all data that was born in the cloud. This includes “files, folders, filesets, VM, and database instances (e.g., Windows, Linux, SQL database).
  • Create, customize, and share platform analytics across a multicloud environment with visual reporting using Rubrik Envision.

For more information about the new features offered, visit Rubrik’s blog post on the subject.

Co-founder and CEO Sinha is very enthusiastic about the new release, stating, “With this monumental release, enterprises can instantly access data within a hybrid cloud environment to deliver best-in-class customer experiences, streamline operations, and prepare for future innovations.”

Sinha isn’t the only one excited about the future of Rubrik. In fact, they just recently announced bookings of almost $100 million annual run rate with only six quarters of selling.

This market traction seems to prove that Rubrik is filling a void in the marketplace. There are, certainly, a number of competitive services that provide simple backup and recovery solutions across clouds. However, Rubrik goes beyond this by providing many of the aforementioned services as well, such as analytics and search.

It’s not slowing down

Rubrik seems to be increasing at an extremely quick pace. This update was released as they are “reportedly shopping for an additional $150 million to $200 million in venture capital funding to add to the current $112 million it has raised since coming out of stealth in 2015.”

We already know that Rubrik has reached $100 million run rate in bookings within just six quarters. On top of this, Sinha claims that two dozen customers are Fortune 500 companies.

The reason for this? According to Sinha, “Essentially, we have built on a platform that allows applications to be protected with a single tool and single fabric.”

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