RunOnce welcome message

One method to deliver a message to the user of a new NT box is to use the RunOnce method. NT’s registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Softwate\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce
is checked at logon. If there is a value set, the program pointed to is run and
then the value (program pointer) is deleted. Thus you get a one-time message (or
action). Create a new value, WelcomeOwner (type REG_SZ) and set it equal to your
cmd file, for example, \\installations\newusershare\welcomeowner.cmd.
When the new owner logs in the first time, the value of WelcomeOwner is
executed, that is \\installations\newusershare\welcomeowner.cmd is run
and then the value WelcomeOwner is deleted from the RunOnce key. [the
\\installations\newusershare\welcomeowner.cmd is untouched – users only
have read access anyway.] The contents of welcomeowner.cmd can do whatever you
need to be done on newly minted boxes :

  • Display an inane message
  • Display a useful message with Help Desk information
  • Run different setups depending on user’s group.
  • . . .
Its only limited by your imagination.

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