Scalable UCS Architecture for VDI

Here’s a more traditional architecture that we’ve been using basically since the beginning. It puts a large array in the back end, such as from EMC or NetApp. This is great for companies who already likely have an entire Storage Area Network, or SAN, built out in their environment. It will support any storage protocal the storage array with support, such as Fibre Channel, FCoE, iSCI, and probably less likely, NFS.

This design has successfully demonstrated high performance in dense, large-scale environments and benefits such as the capability to log into 5000 desktops in as little as 30 minutes. This architecture is the approach recommended for truly scale-out environments. This architecture has no single points of failure, and it supports both single-domain and multi-domain Cisco UCS environments, providing an expandable infrastructure in which an organization can expand its virtual desktop footprint.

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