Scott Davis leaves VMware for Infinio

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with Scott Davis and Carrie Reber of Infinio about Scott’s move to Infinio. Davis will be taking on the role of CTO and offers a ton of experience in End User Computing, Storage, and Applications/Operating Systems.

As the Infinio Accelerator product matures Infinio is finding that it’s a great use case for virtual desktop infrastructure, which of course is right up Scott Davis’ alley. While at VMware Davis helped grow EUC revenue over 10 times what it was when he started.

When I asked Davis his motivation for moving to Infinio he said there were a couple. One of which is the totally non-disruptive nature of the product. You can install it without changing any of your current infrastructure and it doesn’t require restarting everything to make it work. You can also uninstall it without interruption should you decide to. New hybrid and all-flash arrays don’t offer that same non-disruptive possiblity. He also said he likes the grid-like memory cache offered by the ability to virutalize address spaces.

The current CTO, Vishal Misra, will now be the Chief Scientist with Peter Smith now taking on the role of Vice President of Product Management. It seems there are a few changes going on at Infinio and everyone is excited about them. 

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