ScriptLogic Corporation Simplifies Migration to Microsoft Windows Vista And Offers Single-Point Control of Virtualized Desktop Environments With Enhancements to Company’s Desktop Management Solutions

Boca Raton, FL – April 2, 2007– ScriptLogic® Corporation (, a leading provider of systems lifecycle management solutions for Microsoft® Windows®-based networks, today announced the release of Desktop Authority® 7.6 and Desktop Authority MSI Studio™ 3.6, providing a proactive and simplified path for IT organizations to migrate to Microsoft Windows Vista. These new releases will empower customers planning for and involved in migrations to maintain business operations, raise user productivity, and lower post-migration support costs.

ScriptLogic’s Desktop Authority, used by thousands of companies to manage desktops from their initial deployment until they are decommissioned, centralizes desktop configurations and settings for all enterprise workstation users in one location-eliminating the need for individual desktop customization and hand-coded logon scripts. IT administrators set configuration parameters based on a wide variety of end-user criteria, and those configurations are applied to desktops as desired. Desktop Authority is at the center of a rapid and effective Microsoft Windows Vista migration strategy-customers simply add computers running to the domain and all required customizations will be applied as the users log on. All of the user’s personal customizations and preferences, network resource connections and other settings are automatically applied to the new Vista-based machine, making desktops immediately usable and employees instantly productive.

“Deploying will be one of our major IT initiatives this year and Desktop Authority will be invaluable in streamlining this process across the network,” said Matt Johnson, systems administrator, Century Aluminum of Kentucky. “We rely on Desktop Authority for daily desktop management, including patch distribution and rolling out new program features and service packs. By virtue of being a Desktop Authority customer, we have prepared our IT infrastructure for a migration to Microsoft Vista. Our configurations are all centralized, thanks to the solution. When we ultimately migrate to , without question it will be easy and require minimal time, thanks to Desktop Authority.”

Desktop Authority’s configuration tools capitalize on ScriptLogic’s patented Validation Logic™, a granular technology which can customize and target desktop settings, applications and security based on the user’s role, their workstation location and a host of other characteristics. In version 7.6, Validation Logic has been extended so that Desktop Authority can provide centralized management over new features including:

  • User Access Control, to ensure compatibility with legacy applications and reduce end user training requirements while is rolled-out,
  • Vista desktop management, to provide a consistent, standardized desktop environment,
  • Windows Firewall configuration, including control over ‘s new outbound firewall, and
  • IP v6, for desktop administration on cutting-edge network infrastructure.

Prior to IT professionals implementing Windows Vista, Desktop Authority’s robust reporting tools can be used to examine vital data about an enterprise such as the hardware and software running on each of the desktops. These critical reports will help IT professionals determine which desktops are capable of running.

ScriptLogic has also enhanced its Desktop Authority MSI Studio solution, which IT administrators use to create, edit and customize Microsoft installer (MSI) packages for pain-free software deployments. MSI Studio version 3.6 now works with Windows Vista and Windows Installer versions 3 and 4. The product takes advantage of new Windows Vista installer features, including restart manager, user account control and enhanced logging. As a result, customers can use Desktop Authority MSI Studio 3.6 to customize, simplify and manage the deployment of applications on machines running Microsoft Vista.

“As a Microsoft Certified Partner, it is essential that ScriptLogic updates our products to ensure that our customers can take advantage of Microsoft’s latest solutions,” said Andy Langsam, chief operating officer at ScriptLogic. “We surveyed many customers and found that over 40 percent plan on deploying Microsoft Windows Vista within a year of release. Our developers have enhanced Desktop Authority 7.6 to ease the migration and increase IT administrator productivity. Desktop Authority 7.6 makes the move to Vista faster by automatically applying desktop configurations on each upgraded machine, and Desktop Authority MSI Studio streamlines the process for deploying new applications on machines.”

ScriptLogic has authored a whitepaper, “The Proactive Migration to Windows Vista,” detailing the best strategies for Microsoft Vista migration. Included are suggested third-party resources that eliminate roadblocks. For example, ScriptLogic notes tools available from Microsoft that check applications to be deployed and ensure their installation, configuration and security settings are compatible with the new operating system. Web users can download the whitepaper by visiting

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