ScriptLogic Expands and Updates Offerings to Provide Administrators with a Comprehensive Approach to Active Directory Management

Boca Raton, FL – June 2, 2008 – ScriptLogic® Corporation, a leading provider of systems lifecycle management solutions for Microsoft® Windows®-based networks, today announced its Active Directory Management Solution, a bundled solution that combines Quest® ActiveRoles Server™ and Spotlight® on Active Directory with ScriptLogic’s just-released Active Administrator® 5.0. Together, these three solutions allow total management of the Active Directory lifecycle, thereby enhancing security, compliance and productivity. This new version of ScriptLogic’s flagship Active Directory administration solution, Active Administrator, provides enterprise-class performance and now offers enhanced usability and Active Directory auditing, as well as support for Microsoft Windows Server® 2008.

ScriptLogic’s Active Administrator 5.0 provides centralized event auditing, recovery and Group Policy management, while ActiveRoles Server empowers administrators to delegate Active Directory authority to junior IT staff and create approval workflows. Spotlight on Active Directory provides visual active directory health monitoring, problem diagnosis and performance optimization. The combined features of these products address every facet of Active Directory management.

ScriptLogic’s Active Directory Management Solution offers a number of key benefits including centralized auditing of Active Directory changes, instant, online recovery of deletions, and the ability to “undo” Active Directory changes. Moreover, the bundled solution offers advanced Group Policy management and policy-based delegation for department and junior administrators.

What’s new in ScriptLogic’s Active Administrator 5.0?

Active Administrator has had tremendous success managing thousands of servers across a diverse array of enterprises. Today, ScriptLogic announces the latest version of one of its most popular IT management tools. New features include:

  • Improved Usability—The latest version includes a new user interface, centralized Active Administrator server management, multiple domain navigation, key menu functions available on toolbar buttons, as well as more tool tips, wizards and icons.
  • Enhanced Active Directory Auditing—New report management and schedule framework, revised alert management and configuration functionality, the ability to collect and filter more information from each event, and improved resilience, scalability and performance in data collectors all make auditing much more efficient.
  • Windows Server 2008 Support—Version 5.0 now provides support for new events and ADMX-based Group Policies.

“Enhancements in the latest version of ScriptLogic’s Active Administrator make this very popular Active Directory management tool even more efficient and user-friendly,” said Jon Rolls, senior director of product management at ScriptLogic.
“Moreover, this enterprise-class product enables greater scalability and resilience, providing a more robust audit trail and ensuring customers derive the maximum value from investments in their Active Directory infrastructure.”

Pricing and Availability

ScriptLogic’s Active Directory Management Solution is licensed by user account and is available for between 500 and 5000 users, at $30 per user before volume discounts. The Active Directory Management Solution includes Quest ActiveRoles Server, Quest Spotlight on Active Directory and ScriptLogic Active Administrator 5.0; however, each product may be purchased separately. A free 30-day evaluation of this solution set and all software solutions from ScriptLogic are available at

About ScriptLogic

ScriptLogic Corporation is a leading global provider of systems lifecycle management solutions for Microsoft Windows-based networks. ScriptLogic’s award-winning suite of Desktop management software, Server management, Active Directory management, and Help Desk software products help empower network administrators to proactively save time, increase security, and maintain regulatory compliance. More than 23,200 customers use ScriptLogic solutions to manage approximately 5.7 million desktops and 138,000 servers. ScriptLogic solutions benefit any size network in any industry. ScriptLogic, headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Quest Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: QSFT). Reach ScriptLogic at (561) 886-2400 or on the Web at

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