ScriptLogic Releases Two New Solutions.

Just over three years ago, ScriptLogic released Desktop Authority. Since then, the product has become the leading desktop management solution winning 19 awards including the 2006 Best Low-Cost Desktop Management honor from Network Computing Magazine.

Just this week, ScriptLogic has added two solutions to the Desktop Authority product family, creating a suite that covers the desktop lifecycle management from PC birth to decommission. The new solution is Desktop Authority Image Center, a desktop and server provisioning product. The release of Desktop Authority MSI Studio Pro 3.5 rounds out the product suite and features enhancements for pain-free application installs on desktops across your enterprise.

Together, these three solutions allow you to manage the entire lifecycle of a PC from cradle to grave. While products from other vendors specialize in specific areas of desktop management, the Desktop Authority product family is the only solution that allows you to deploy the whole desktop.

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