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ScriptLogic customers may already attend online seminars (webinars) about purchased software! That’s quite normal, isn’t it? But ScriptLogic’s webinars can be interesting even to non-customers or users contemplating of trying out these solutions. The content covered in the webinars is very interesting even from a generic point of view and would give the viewer an understanding of the area covered. Although, the training is specific to ScriptLogic’s products I still recommend it to all users. For example, the automated provisioning of services and resources explained in a training session most of the times can be done manually through the native tools. In addition, the training covers hot topics such as, Active Directory and networking stuff. The webinar duration is adequate that is, it is not too long or too short while it is very easy to register and reserve your seat. One thing I suggest to ScriptLogic web administrator or management is that they should keep past webinars available on their website, at least for some time!

For more information about the training schedule and to register for ScriptLogic’s webinars go here.

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