Security, security, security!

My latest article here at is about security. It will be divided in 4 parts and it’s about hardening an Exchange Server 2003 environment.

But there’s so much to say about security, that’s impossible I’ll cover all aspects of it. So, here are some other resources you can (and should) read if you’re interested in messaging security:

  • The Tips and Tricks Guide to Secure Messaging – authored by fellow MVP Jim McBee, this free eBook introduces IT managers and messaging system administrators to the evolving threat landscape, emerging technologies for data protection, and best practices for protecting users, messaging system resources, and organizational data.
  • Microsoft Learning Paths for Security – Use these Learning Paths to find a range of Microsoft training references and resources on security threats and appropriate countermeasures. Learning resources are organized by level (from basic to expert) and provide information on the planning, prevention, detection, and response phases of security implementation.
  • Microsoft’s Secure Messaging Home – Today’s messaging environments create fast-moving challenges. Respond with advanced antispam and antivirus protection tools. And move on with messaging and collaboration security and control that adapts to your needs as you lead the organization forward.
  • Exchange Security and Protection – Make your Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 system more secure and help protect your messages and data using the resources on this page.

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