Cross-account container takeover: All about this little-known cloud threat

Palo Alto Networks uncovered a cross-account container takeover exploit that could threaten users of the Azure public cloud.

1 day ago

Olympus Global issues warning about potential cyberattack

Medical systems maker Olympus Global, out of an abundance of caution, is warning the public of what may be a…

2 days ago

CryptoRom cryptocurrency scheme adds twist to dating scams

Users of dating websites are constantly in the crosshairs of fraudsters. Now they have yet another scam to worry about…

3 days ago

Password spraying attacks: What they are and how to avoid them

Do you know that 80 percent of all hacking incidents involve brute-force methods like password spraying? Read on to know…

1 week ago

Stop chargebacks from eating into your e-commerce bottom line

Businesses might think that chargebacks are unavoidable, but modern solutions exist to prevent friendly fraud and improve your bottom line.

1 week ago

Creating an effective incident response plan

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail, so it’s best to get your incident response plan sorted out…

2 weeks ago

Pros and cons of an outsourced security operations center (SOC)

A dedicated security operations center (SOC) is essential for your organization's safety. But should you outsource or keep it in-house?

2 weeks ago

Stop Scams UK deploys new emergency fraud hotline

With financial fraud growing at an unprecedented rate, Stop Scams UK is making it easier for British residents to report…

2 weeks ago

Mental health services provider reports data breach of patient records

Horizon House provides mental health services to thousands of adults, so a reported data breach of its patients’ records is…

2 weeks ago

All about IDaaS: How identity-as-a-service can ensure your security

Identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) has grown in popularity during the pandemic because it allows access for authorized users while keeping intruders out.

3 weeks ago