Yet another dating site suffers data breach

Manhunt is just the latest in a long line of dating sites getting hacked and suffering a data breach. Is…

3 days ago

UK residents warned to beware of new Android spyware FluBot

The British government is warning about a new Android spyware named FluBot. While at this point it only attacks UK…

4 days ago

Tips for determining cybersecurity project priority

If you are a cybersecurity professional, you’ve almost certainly at some point felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of security…

7 days ago

Costco warns its members of various phishing scams

Costco is trying to keep its members from falling victim to various phishing scams. Read on to find out just…

1 week ago

Telegram targeted by new remote access Trojan ToxicEye

Messaging app Telegram has seen a large increase in users — and a large increase in cyberattacks — including a…

1 week ago

Confuse your attackers: Benefits of using a cyber-deception strategy

As organizations grapple with the ever-growing threat of sophisticated cyberattacks, IT security executives are considering cyber-deception strategies.

1 week ago

Preventing security breaches in the new normal of remote work

An inside look at how you can protect your business from the potential security dangers when employees use video conferencing…

2 weeks ago

University of Hertfordshire experiences cyberattack

The University of Hertfordshire is trying to get back to normal after a systemwide cyberattack. Read on to see how…

2 weeks ago

Mirai lives on: Code from destructive botnet appears in Gafgyt malware

Mirai set the standard for destructive botnets, and now Gafgyt, an even older malware, is picking up tricks from the…

2 weeks ago

500M Huawei devices infected with Joker malware

The Joker trojan malware found its way onto more than 538,000 Huawei devices. It’s the latest reminder to be careful…

2 weeks ago