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Everything you need to know about Germany’s draft IT security law

Germany’s interior ministry has proposed a new draft cybersecurity bill dubbed IT Security Act 2.0. Here are its highlights.

1 month ago

COVID-driven work changes have elevated IT cybersecurity risks

COVID-19 has changed the world forever and cybersecurity is no exception. Here’s what you can do to help minimize the…

2 months ago

Millions of COVID-19 test results leaked in India

Sensitive COVID-19 test results have again leaked from the Indian government, a situation that could engender a swath of cybercrimes.

2 months ago

Five CISO challenges that must be faced in an increasingly risky world

The CISO is the pinnacle of a career in information security. To be successful in this role, one must overcome…

2 months ago

Data privacy regulations: Walking safely through the compliance jungle

Can businesses have a sustainable data privacy policy in a world where ever-changing compliance requirements make adhering to regulations a…

3 months ago

Privacy-as-a-service: Why it’s the future of privacy management

Privacy-as-a-service is increasingly looked upon as a smart, practical solution in the future management of privacy risks.

3 months ago

These are 10 of the hottest IT security careers today

While nearly all IT jobs are expected to see rising demand well into the future, it’s IT security careers that…

4 months ago

Home Depot settles with numerous states following data breach

The massive 2014 data breach at Home Depot — considered the largest retail card data breach in history — still…

5 months ago

Privacy considerations for secure remote working from home

Can you mitigate the risks of allowing employees to work remotely? Yes, but you must implement and enforce a secure…

6 months ago

GDPR two years later: Many successes, but challenges remain

It’s been 2½ years since the GDPR went into effect. While most businesses have adapted to the requirements, there are…

7 months ago