Seeking Beta testers: AbsoluteProof for Microsoft Exchange

Surety is nearing the release of AbsoluteProof for Microsoft Exchange, a solution that seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Exchange Server to prove content integrity for e-mails, archives and back-ups, and we’re actively seeking users for our 60-day Beta program. We are looking for current Microsoft Exchange Server users to test and provide feedback on this tool. Beta testing is now active. For more information on AbsoluteProof for Microsoft Exchange, visit

As a Beta tester, you get first access to our products and the ability to influence product development and messaging.
What do Beta program participants receive?

    o Be among the first to preview AbsoluteProof for Microsoft Exchange and have your opinions heard;
    o Help us improve the quality of AbsoluteProof for Microsoft Exchange and request additional features before its release;
    o Receive significant discounts when you purchase the final version for your company; and
    o Have the opportunity to receive FREE versions of the product (which will be awarded to our most active Beta testers)

What’s required?

    o Download and install AbsoluteProof for Microsoft Exchange;
    o Spend time familiarizing yourself with the product and testing it;
    o Send us feedback and bug reports on any errors found;
    o Send us your suggestions on how to improve the product (we want to hear any idea you have, even if you think they are unimportant, obvious or “crazy”); and
    o Report on compatibility issues (specifically related to your configuration)

If you are interested in joining the Beta program and helping to test-drive and ultimately shape Surety products, please e-mail [email protected].

Please pass this message to anyone you think might like to participate in this program.

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