September Newsletters Teaser newsletter – Lessons from the “father” of TMG: Have you thought about how you’re going to deal with change in our industry in the next few years? Are you going to stick with firewalls until they’re pried from your cold, dead hands? Are you eager to take to the clouds? Do you plan to focus more on data security and less on network security? newsletter – The Incredible Shrinking Network: Most companies are hanging onto their on-premises datacenters and combining them with cloud resources in a hybrid IT model. Far from getting smaller, the corporate network has actually expanded to flow over and into the cloud, opening up new possibilities for those who love to learn new things. newsletter – IT has to evolve… and fast: What are some of your thoughts and observations regarding cloud computing? newsletter – A Quick Look at the New Office 365 Network Analysis tool: The Office 365 Network Analysis tool can be used to validate a customer’s network connection to their Office 365 tenant. The tool can be run against tenants in US, EMEA and APAC regions. newsletter – The Trouble with Passwords: Passwords will be around for many years. Our personal security and the security of our enterprise rest on the effective management of passwords today. A clear corporate security policy and effective password policy management are essential to protecting our assets.

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