Setting up a lab to compare remoting protocols

There are many different types of remoting protocols used in VDI and RDS environments – Microsoft RDP/RemoteFX, Citrix ICA/HDX, VMware/Teradici PCoIP, Quest EOP, etc. All of these protocols have pluses and minuses. So, how do you find out which protocol best suits your environment? You run tests. Benny Tritsch and Shawn Bass have spent countless hours on comparing remoting protocols in various situations and presented the results at conferences such as BriForum, Microsoft tech-Ed, Citrix Synergy, VMware VMworld, etc. I have personally attended a couple of the sessions and the video demonstrations speak for themselves.

Now, Benny has documented exactly how he and Shawn set up their test environments in order to accumulate the data and videos in their presentations. This is great information if you want to set up your own test environments but don’t know where to get started. Benny details the WAN emulation used, video recording used, servers, etc. Be sure to check it out as a reference point for your own tests.

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