Setting up Hyper-V Clusered Shared Volumes

Shared storage in server virtualization is a must-have for virtual machine live migration. Hyper-V supports multiple hosts accessing the same shared storage without corruption through the use of Clustered Shared Volumes (CSV). There are several things you need in order to get a CSV up and running:

  • A private network: This can be an uplink cable from host A to host B or it can be an isolated VLAN with a private IP address space.
  • A quorum LUN: This small block storage resource (5 GB, for example) is used to coordinate notes.
  • A CSV LUN: This (larger) block storage resource will house the VHD files.
  • Two or more Hyper-V hosts: These hosts need to be Windows Server 2008 Enterprise or higher.
  • Server configuration: Each of the hosts need the Hyper-V role and the Failover Clustering feature added. It’s also a good idea to have the hosts up to date in terms of updates service packs.

Once you have the prerequisites met, you can start setting up the Quorum disk. Ricky Vanover explains in detail the process in this article…

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