SetupBatcher, SetupExplorer, NTInfo, NTreport, WinRemote NT/W2K/XP Management Tools has released
five Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows NT management programs :

  • SetupBatcher
    create/edit/delete user accounts, passwords, groups, OUs, directories, shares,
    FTP and web directories, mailboxes, permissions, registry settings etc. on one
    or many servers or workstations at once. Run commands on remote machines.
  • SetupExplorer
    view, edit, sort and
    export accounts, AD-properties, OU+group membership and shares. Supports both
    servers and workstations.
  • NTinfo
    extract and display network,
    event log and system information from one or many computers in a Windows domain
  • NTreport
    system report batch tool
    for Windows domains.
  • WinRemote
    remote management utility
    for Windows 2000 and NT machines. Features: remote command prompt, remote
    process manager, remote service manager, remote screen shot and remote shut down

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