Several Outlook 2007 Demos

Microsoft released a bunch of cool Outlook 2007 demos.

  • Outlook 2007 Demo: Stay on track with Outlook tasks – Tasks in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 can help you stay on course by helping you create, prioritize, delegate, and track the to-do items in your life. This demo shows you how working with tasks is easier with Outlook 2007 and how the new To-Do Bar can keep your task information always in view. You can turn an e-mail message into a to-do item with flagging, assign a task to someone and get status reports that automatically update the task in Outlook, and much more.
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Demo: Send your photo in your contact information – count the ways – Make an outstanding impression by including your photo when you send your contact information to new customers or send e-mail to new friends. This demo offers you three easy ways to include your photo with your contact information: as an e-mail attachment with your complete contact information, in your electronic business card, and as part of your e-mail signature. Add your photo to your contact information today, and the next time you visit a new customer, they’ll be able to recognize you right away.
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Demo: Create and use an e-mail template – If you find yourself re-creating a similar report or newsletter for e-mail time after time, an Outlook 2007 e-mail template can save you lots of steps. This demo guides you through creating your own template specific to your needs. Once you save your new template, you can load it whenever you need it and add or change information. The demo also shows you how to find ready-to-use templates on Microsoft Office Online.
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Demo: Voting made easy — Create and send polls in Outlook – You can use the Voting feature in Outlook 2007 to easily create polls and gather choices and opinions from coworkers in an organization that uses Microsoft Exchange Server. It can be as informal or as official as you want. You set up the poll in an e-mail message and send it. When votes come in, Outlook tabulates them automatically for you. It couldn’t be easier. Watch the demo to see how it’s done and then give it a try.
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Demo: Preview messages – You can use AutoPreview and the Reading Pane to prioritize new messages in your Outlook 2007 Inbox without opening each one. With a click or two, you can set options in these two features and scan your messages the way that makes sense for you. Watch the demo to see how.

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