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Last week Thursday & Friday GSX had the pleasure of attending another SharePoint Technology Conference here in Boston with our Alliance partner Intlock. This was the event’s 6th East Coast version of SPTechCon that included more than 400 attendees and 50+ vendors. The event felt a bit different for us this year as our US office is located just .7 miles down the street from the exhibit hall here in Boston! It is always a pleasure networking with other local attendees, partners and exhibitors from the local area and of course making recommendations to visitors of where to eat, drink and relax in our great city.

This year’s conference was focused on helping SharePoint administrators, Developers & Managers make the appropriate decisions regarding the future of their SharePoint environments. There is a lot of buzz around Office365 and the cloud in general and the thematic of SPTechCon really focused on understanding the needs of your end-users & infrastructure before deciding your company’s SharePoint roadmap. Our experience working in the Microsoft SharePoint & Messaging market for numerous years now, we hear a lot of reasons for why and how companies decide to migrate to a full cloud or hybrid environment. I firmly believe that a thorough assessment of the environment needs to be made from a technical, business & financial point of view before a migration. This is especially important for a platform like SharePoint!

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The two day event flew by for the GSX Boston team and included numerous interesting discussions with current GSX customers and prospective customers regarding our performance Monitoring & Reporting solution. We seriously value the information collected from the marketplace as it is critical in serving the needs of the market. As noted by our VP of Product Management, Jean-Francois Piot that was in attendance for the event, “The SharePoint community is very unique compared to other Microsoft technologies. I love to attend as many events as possible to hear directly from our customers and the marketplace what is imperative for them to be a successfully manage and administrate their SharePoint environments. This feedback and data is integrated into our product roadmap and ultimately future versions of GSX Monitor & Analyzer. This is one of the core reasons for why we are a market leader for SharePoint Monitoring & Reporting.”

Events like SPTechCon are also a great opportunity for the GSX team to meet with our fantastic Partner Network. GSX works with a core group of SharePoint Managed Service Providers, Hosting companies, Consultants & System Integrators to service all of North, Central and South America. We were able to meet with partners close and far like our local SharePoint Consulting partner, Greystone Solutions and Stacy Deere-Strole of Focal Point Solutions, a SharePoint Managed Service Provider and Consulting firm in Ohio.

Overall the event was a big success, GSX not only had the opportunity to network with many local professionals in the Greater Boston area but was also able to inform the community about the benefits of performance remote monitoring and reporting for SharePoint and Office365.

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