Shutdown Windows NT or Win9x at specific time each day

Alex Benenson’s Sleepy freeware utility
shuts down NT/Win9x at a specific time each day. You can specify when and which
days of the week to shut down, whether or not Sleepy
can be canceled.

Or if you have the Resource Kit and AT is enabled:

AT timetoshutdown shutdown /l /y /c

where shutdown is a resource kit utility with parms:

/c : close all programs
/y : turn off any prompts – no user
/l : turn off local PC
/r : if you want the PC to reboot
rather than shutdown

This kind of utility has obvious value to automate the shutdown of computer
labs at end of day, computer rooms prior to a powerdown, user workstations prior
to a powerdown, … Assuming administrative rights, a batch file can automate
these tasks. Another commandline advantage.

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