Simplify your SCCM deployment a bit with this tip

Although this tip isn’t aimed directly at virtualization pros, I’m willing to bet that many of you dabble with System Center tools every so often. As you know, while they’re good, the System Center tools are beasts and take a lot of work to deploy and initially configure.

One of the earliest steps administrators have to take is setting the stage for SCCM and Active Directory integration. I was at this point recently with one of my clients, for whom I’m deploying both SCCM and System Center Operations Manager.

In almost every set of instructions you find for this integration, you’re told that you need to add specific permissions to Active Directory for each SCCM server that you deploy, Well, in keeping in the spirit of granting rights to users, and with a desire to make life a bit easier for my client after I’m done, I decided to create an AD security group that holds the computer account names for all of my SCCM servers and delegated to that group the permissions necessary for the System Management container.

Now, if they add an SCCM server in the future, my client need only add that server name to an AD group.

I know it’s a simp thing, but sometimes, those are the easiest to overlook!

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