Small Issue with the Exchange 2003 Management Pack for OpsMgr 2007

A while ago I wrote a two part article about Managing Exchange 2003 with SCOM 2007. If you’re currently using the Exchange Server 2003 Management Pack, this might interest you: Exchange 2003 servers with build numbers higher than 6944 are not discovered by the Exchange 2003 Management Pack for Operations Manager.

The Operations Manager Product Team blogged about this small issue and has a resolution for it:

  1. Copy the below XML into a file called Exchange.Server.Extended.Discovery.XML
  2. Import the Management Pack into Operations Manager
  3. Go to Authoring->Management Pack Objects-> Object Discoveries and set the scope to be Exchange 2003 Physical Installation and Exchange 2003 Role. There should be two new disabled discoveries, “Microsoft Exchange 2003 Discoveries for Higher Build Versions” and “Exchange 2003 ServerRole Initial Discovery Extension”.
  4. Enable these discoveries for the Exchange 2003 servers with higher build numbers. Note – do not enable these discoveries for all servers.

Continue at source.

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