So you want to be a writer?

Has it ever crossed your mind, in the recent past, that becoming a writer would be neat? Take myself for an example. About six or seven years ago I took stock of my career. I decided that I wanted to implement some career goals. The first was to become a computer security contractor. Problem was, just how do you go about becoming one? For me the solution was to start writing articles about computer security. This would help me reach my goal in that it would get my name and skillset out there to potential clients. Not to mention that if your writing is good enough you can also get paid for it -).

Well, you can do the same thing as I did. It worked for me! Now in addition to offering this piece of advice I shall also offer something more valuable, my time. Should this sound like something that is of interest to you, then by all means drop me a line. The catch-22 of no one knowing you is all to fresh in my mind. That can, to some extent, be mitigated by pointing a potential employer or client to your online writing portfolio. Once you have some writing samples those can in turn possibly be leveraged into a book contract. Anyhow, you know where to get a hold of me -).

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