Solarwinds invites you to help celebrate SysAdmin Day! Prizes abound!

SysAdmin Appreciation Day is right around the corner, and Solarwinds want to show you how much they appreciate administrators everywhere!
Share your best true story about your life as a SysAdmin for a chance to win an iPad, a  ThinkGeek gift card, or an original piece of art based on your tale.
Entrants will share their story in the SysAdmin Day Contest  space on thwack. Entries can be interesting, shocking, horrible, funny, dumb, epic, etc. Like any good story, the most winning stories will capture and keep our attention! Put some thought into what you think your best story is, as those that post more than one story will be disqualified from winning.
We’ve all heard tales about hardware stored in rooms where the temperature was up to 140 degrees, or servers buried behind walls, stacked under desks, teetering on bookshelves, or lost to rain because someone left a window open in the basement.
We want to hear the strangest request you’ve ever gotten, the dumbest question a user ever asked – those days you wanted to place your palm directly on your forehead — or with more force on someone else’s!
Every entry will be evaluated both by members of the thwack community — by voting submissions up or down — and by a panel of judges. The entrant with the highest ranked story by the judges will win an Apple gift card equal to the cost of an iPad AND an original piece of art to represent their tale. Four additional winners will be chosen by the thwack community, and will each win a $50 gift card to ThinkGeek.
The judging panel includes:

  • Wesley David is a sysadmin that has been in many trenches with many of his own tales, but he can’t tell any of them without weeping. Wesley blogs at The Nubby Admin.
  • Ted Kekatos, the founder of System Administrator Appreciation Day, built his own computers and acoustic-coupled modem in the late 70’s.  He has enjoyed working in IT services for 20+ years, but still misses the sound of 9-track tape drives rewinding.
  • Denny LeCompte is the vice president of product management at SolarWinds. Denny believes that if a company understands its customers and the problems that they face every day, creating products that they can enjoy using becomes simple.
  • Trevor Pott is a sysadmin and writer from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who built his first network at eight years old and hasn’t stopped building them since. Trevor blogs at The Register on systems administration.
  • Matt Simmons is a 10+ year sysadmin who is active in the League of Professional System Administrators (LOPSA) as well as other professional IT organizations; he currently works for the College of Computer and Information Systems at Northeastern University in Boston. Matt blogs at Standalone Sysadmin.

The contest begins today and will remain open through SysAdmin Appreciation Day (Friday, July 27).

For contest details, visit the content page.

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