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Last year, during a Gestalt IT Tech Field Day adventure to the Boston area, I had the good fortune to meet with a number of people from VKernel, a company that specializes in performance and capacity management solutions for virtual infrastructures. Today, I had a brief conversation with VKernel’s Bryan Semple and he made me aware of a couple of great resources that I wanted to share with you.

First, VKernel has released a new white paper by Greg Shields. Entitled Resolving VMware vSphere’s 6 Biggest Performance Issues, the paper explains a number of vSphere’s performance counters and provides you with some best practices that you should consider for your own environment.

Second, Bryan presented at the Toronto VMUG this week. The topic of his presentation was Balancing Capacity and Performance in which Bryan explored the cost impact of over allocating resources to meet performance requirements. Bryan provided me with the video link from below.

I hope that you find these resources as useful as I did.

Thank you, Bryan!!

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