Sophos Web Security Appliance receives high scores from Network Testing Labs

Sophos, a world leader in IT security and control, today announced that its web security appliance, WS1000 has been reviewed by Network Testing Labs and received nearly a perfect score across six categories. The most important criteria in the review was the ability to identify and thwart all or virtually all spyware, followed by reporting capabilities, timely alerts, ease- of- use and ease of deployment.

The WS1000 protects against the full range of web threats, providing a complete infrastructure for secure browsing and eliminating the complexity of administering effective web security. As a managed appliance, WS1000 features automatic updates every five minutes, remote “heartbeat” monitoring and on-demand remote assistance, ensuring it delivers the most dependable web security in the industry.

Network Testing Labs used a grading scale of 1 through 5, with 1 = Failing and 5 = Perfect. The WS1000 was tested in the following categories: identifying and thwarting malware (5), performance (5), ease of use (5), reporting (4), deployment (5) and documentation (5). Sophos WS1000 received an overall score of 4.9 on the Security Report Card.

According to Barry Nance at Network Testing Labs, “Sophos’ WS1000 is exactly what companies have been looking for – a high-performance, reliable, effective and easy-to-use answer to keeping malware off their networks. It thwarts virtually all malware without hindering or slowing clients’ web access. The WS1000 proved to be an accurate, quick and easy- to- use device. It turned aside virtually all spyware, and its effect on the responsiveness of our clients’ web experience was nil.”

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Network Testing Labs performs independent technology research and product evaluations. Its network laboratory connects myriads of types of computers and virtually every kind of network device in an ever-changing variety of ways. Its authors are networking experts who write clearly and plainly about complex technologies and products. Barry Nance is a networking expert, magazine columnist, book author and application architect. He has more than 29 years experience with IT technologies, methodologies and products. Over the past dozen years, working on behalf of Network Testing Labs, he has evaluated thousands of hardware and software products for ComputerWorld, BYTE Magazine, Government Computer News, PC Magazine, Network Computing, Network World and many other publications.

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