Specops Command and Quest PowerGUI Now Integrated

Powerful combination allows PowerShell users to edit and debug scripts, then distribute these scripts to computers and servers in the network

TORONTO, CANADA – January 8, 2008 — Special Operations Software, www.specopssoft.com, a global leader of Group Policy and Windows PowerShell based Systems Management and Security software, today announced the integration of Quest PowerGUI(TM) from Quest Software with Specops Command(TM) from Special Operations Software. The integration makes it possible to use the powerful and free PowerShell script editor, Quest PowerGUI, directly from Specops Command and thus provide features like IntelliSense (to access descriptions of functions) and debugging capabilities when editing PowerShell scripts.


“The incredible synergy created by integrating Specops Command and Quest PowerGUI into a single powerful solution is very exciting,” said Dmitry Sotnikov, New Product Research Manager at Quest Software. “Giving users the ability to invoke PowerGUI Script Editor to edit and debug their scripts and then use Specops Command to distribute the script to computers in the network makes perfect sense.”


“The combined power and ease of use of Specops Command and Quest PowerGUI will forever change the landscape of distributed Windows-based computer management and will make Windows PowerShell the number one solution used everywhere — not only for administering a small number of servers, but tens of thousands of computers at a time,” said Thorbjörn Sjövold, CTO of Special Operations Software. “Also, by simply using the free Quest PowerGUI with the free version of Specops Command, Logon and Startup scripts as we know them today will never be the same.”


For more information and to download Specops Command, please visit: http://www.specopssoft.com/powershell/

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