Split DNS: Configuring DirectAccess for Office Communications Server (OCS)

image Here’s a very interesting article on issues related to a split DNS infrastructure and how the split DNS effects the decisions you make when configuring DirectAccess.

As you know from Tom’s writings on split DNS (Tom doesn’t like to call it “split brain” because he was a neurologist in the past and saw the devastation that intractable epilepsy can cause and the results of corpus callosotomy, and so doesn’t find the split-brain reference clever – but he’ll never tell you that because he doesn’t want to look like a sour puss), a split DNS is used when you use the same names for resources that are accessible from the internal network and external network using different IP addresses.

Check out Tom’s article on split DNS here: http://www.isaserver.org/tutorials/You_Need_to_Create_a_Split_DNS.html

There are other’s on the www.isaserver.org site if you want to do a search for them.

This is an important issue for DirectAccess, because it has an effect on the configuration of the Name Resolution Policy Table (NRPT).

Pat Telford ties together the issues of a split DNS infrastructure with OCS in his article on the UAG Team Blog. It’s extremely useful and all DirectAccess admins need to give it a read.

Check it out at:




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