Spotlight on Exchange 2010: Delivery Reports

Exchange Server 2010 introduces ECP (Exchange Control Panel) where we can enable a lot of features to end-users, one of these new cool features is the Delivery Reports and the blogged about this feature, check this out:

Exchange 2010 provides an easy way to verify whether that very important message was delivered to every recipient with a new feature we call delivery reports.

Delivery Reports contains delivery information about messages you sent, such as:

  • Why didn’t my message go through?
  • Where is my message now?
  • Who received my message?

And about messages you received:

  • Am I a member of any of the groups addressed in this message?
  • Why is this message in a folder and not in my inbox?

Delivery Reports can be accessed by users from Outlook Web Access or by clicking on the “Options” button and then going to “Organize E-mail”.

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