SSH / SCP for Windows NT / W2K / XP

Those with a background in unix administration are familiar with ssh which is a secure shell. It generally includes a telnet that can’t be sniffed, a secure ftp, a secure forwarding of services and a secure file copy utility. The initial version had vulnerabilities in its encryption that could be exploited. SSH version 2 corrects those defects. It is the remote administration utility of choice for unix admins. Versions are available to securely administer Windows NT and Windows 2000 servers.

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If you are wondering about the telnet build into Windows 2000 and XP, it supports native NTLM authentication which encrypts passwords. This is only useful if its two W2K boxes communicating. Telnet to anything else and its all plain text passwords and commands. And guess what, even the W2K-to-W2K telnet only encrypts the passwords and nothing else.

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