Startups Given Fast Route to AWS

Nowadays investors are pushing their startups to go straight to the cloud, allowing them to focusing on building the business rather than building in house infrastructure.

Amazon hopes these startups will choose AWS, and once involved will grow into larger and larger cloud customers.

“Amazon Web Services provides startups with low cost, easy to use infrastructure needed to scale and grow any size business. Some of the world’s hottest startups including Pinterest, Instagram, and Dropbox have leveraged the power of AWS to easily get started and quickly scale,” the vendor said.

The latest trick is a service called AWS Activate. The idea is to bundle the items a startup needs and add to that support, training and self help forums. The program also offers credits to make third party tools more affordable.

“As a technology startup operating in the cloud, we’re constantly looking to improve our server platform from cost efficiencies to performance and scalability. AWS Activate is great for finding technical resources, getting professional support, and connecting with a broad community of developers to get the most out of our cloud computing environment,” said Eric Feng, CTO of Flipboard.

Activate comes in two main forms. On the low end is the AWS Activate Self-Starter Package that offers a free usage tier. On the higher end is the AWS Activate Portfolio Package whichis designed for startups connected to select accelerators and seed funds.

“Like most of the fast-growing startups we track at Mattermark, we’re built on AWS. The AWS Activate program gives us free services like premium Business Support that make it even easier to build on the AWS platform,” said Danielle Morrill, Founder and CEO of Mattermark.

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