Still waiting for Outlook 2007 Online Archive Support? reappearing :)

Still waiting for Outlook 2007 Online Archive Support? You can now test it in your lab…

Well wait no more! You see this long-awaited feature is already here. You just need to apply the Office Outlook 2007 hotfix package (December 2010 release) and voilá, you now have access to your online archive from Outlook 2007:



From my buddy Ankur Kothari from the Exchange Product group:

This really has been a matter of listening to customers and you MVPs to push to get this into the Outlook product.  I want to thank you for your feedback and comments that helped us make this happen.

With the CU, customers will be able to:

· Access email messages in their online archive using Outlook 2007.

· Move messages into the online archive using Outlook 2007.

· Delegates can see their manager’s online archive.

There are some limitations on Outlook’s support of the archive including:

· Working with Archive policies

· Independent searches of the archive and the primary mailbox

This will light up the Archive for the following SKUs:

· Office Ultimate (retail)

· Office ProPlus (volume license)

· Office Enterprise (volume license)

· Outlook Standalone (retail)

· Outlook Standalone (volume license)

Until later,

Henrik Walther
Technology Architect/Writer
MCM: Exchange 2007 | MVP: Exchange Architecture


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