Stop / Start / Pause Services Remotely

Windows NT Resource Kit includes command-line utility netsvc
which allows you to list the services running, query the status (
stopped, started, paused, in transition ) of a service, stop, start, pause, or
continue a service (locally or on remote boxes). Great for automation via a
script or batch files. Great way to recycle a service – stop, start it. Need to
stop a service prior to backup – this is your tool in combination with NT
scheduler, AT.

sc.exe which is also a Windows NT Resource Kit
commandline utility, has overlapping capabilities and more, particularly the
depend= option. To get a listing of options, type

sc config /?

Falk Schmal & Torsten Sprejz have released a freeware utility, Service Manager NT
which will

  • Start, Stop, Pause or Continue services
  • Get a lot of information about any services without admin access
  • Edit service properties
  • Edit service dependencies
  • Remove services
  • Administer services across a domain
  • Multiple language support

And don’t forget the native NT console commands

net start
net stop
net pause

For syntax help, use

net help start
net help stop
help pause

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