Supercomputers for all!

Virginia Tech’s Corporate Research Center is in the final stages of testing an energy-efficient supercomputer called HokieSpeed. It is pictured as the next war horse for research and its 455 trillion operations per second capability will surely makes it the next generation tool for researches!

HokieSpeed supercomputer is made up of 209 separate computers connected together in a large server room. Virginia Tech’s Corporate Research Center previous supercomputer known as X took three times the rack space. Each computer is powered by two 2.40-gigahertz Intel Xeon 6-core central processing units and two NVIDIA GPUs, which reside on a Supermicro motherboard. That gives HokieSpeed more than 2,500 central processing unit cores and more than 185,000 graphics processor unit cores to compute with.

Read the full press release here:

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