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Want to be the coolest guy in the datacenter? Want to show those network guyz that you know more about network security than they do? Want to show your support for, the site that gives you the info you need on everything that has to do with the ISA Firewall? I knew you did!

Here’s my suggestion: head on over to the Web store and get yourself some cool merchandise. We’ve got t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and hats. This is the ideal gift for the ISA Firewall admin who fights day after day to protect your corporate network from evil application layer attacks! And if you’re heading over to TechEd or ITForum, you’re guaranteed to get special attention from the ISA Firewall guys hanging out at the Ask the Experts booth.

Oh, and don’t forget your best girl, we’ve got a good one for her too. Jr. Baby Doll T-Shirt Jr. Baby Doll T-Shirt



Thomas W Shinder, M.D.


Email: [email protected]

MVP — Microsoft Firewalls (ISA)

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