SurfControl Web Filter Appliance Now Offers Microsoft ISA 2006 Firewall Support for Unrivaled and Intuitive Threat Protection

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ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SurfControl (LSE:SRF), a leading provider of global on-demand, network, and endpoint IT security solutions, announced the release of the SurfControl Web Filter Appliance with Microsoft ISA 2006 Firewall support. The ready-to-deploy solution, offers organizations a tool to enhance security, network performance, productivity and business compliance.

“We are proud to work with Microsoft to provide this best-of-breed security solution,” said Rocco Donnino, vice president of WW Business Development. “SurfControl Web Filter Appliance with Microsoft ISA 2006 Firewall support is an out of the box solution that will enable businesses of all sizes, and particularly small to medium businesses, to defend their organization from threats.”

SurfControl Web Filter Appliance with Microsoft ISA 2006 Firewall support provides protection beyond URL filtering for security against related threats such as instant messaging, streaming media, and file downloads and Web-based email. The Web Filter Appliance is ideal for small to medium businesses and organizations with branch office scenarios because the appliance is easy and ready to use, and requires little maintenance.

SurfControl Web Filter on the ISA 2006 Firewall platform is a valuable addition to our customer’s security needs,” said Todd Greenberg, Group Product Manager, security and access products at Microsoft. “SurfControl’s expertise in Web security brings an important extra layer of security to our ISA Firewall customers.”

Organizations also receive SurfControl’s unrivaled threat protection with the SurfControl Web Filter Appliance. SurfControl’s global sensory network feeds into Web Filter’s Internet Threat Database and Virtual Control Agent to provide zero-day, focused threat categories including International and multi-cultural content and dynamic categorization of unknown Web sites. These key features allow for the implementation of effective policy rules unique to each organization to reduce risk, enable business compliance and ensure business continuity.

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