Synchronize client workstation to server time

If you have user profiles, add

NET TIME \\servertosynchwith /SET /YES

to get the date/time of the workstation which the user is using to
logon, get synched up with the account domain controller. We have a satellite
link to get our network time signal for the domain controllers. This can be
achieved many ways using time servers on the Internet or governmental dial-up
time servers.

NT clients will make the appropriate time zone adjustments if the time server
is in a different time zone. Unfortunately Win95 clients don’t recognize time
zones making it imperative that win95 clients get their time set by servers in
the same time zone.

This is a issue even within a local LAN environment because many
administrators are careless about setting the correct timezone.

See TimeServ NT Resource Kit Uility set PC
clock to within 10 milliseconds
for setting server time.

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