SysLog Servers for NT/2000/XP

Don’t know what a syslog is? It is essentially the eventlog for Unix boxes. Unix oriented shops solved the consolidation of log files with Unix syslog based management systems using a central syslog daemon which is the source of all monitoring and alerting in these environments. A syslog daemon normally listens for incoming syslog messages on UDP port 514 and then decodes and processes the messages for logging and notification purposes. If you need to integrate Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP into the syslog system, there are products to do this.

For more information, see my general Logging / Syslog / Log Analysis Resources tip or Adison’s How to Monitor Windows NT from Unix if you interest is limited to Windows.

If you are predominantly Windows-based and need to centrally manage devices such as Cisco routers which are syslog-based? Need a syslog server for Windows?

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