System Center Configuration Manager Extensions for SCAP

The extensions enable Configuration Manager 2007 to consume Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) data streams, assess systems for compliance, and generate report results in SCAP format by taking advantage of the compliance checking capabilities inherent in the desired configuration management (DCM) feature.

Your organization can optimize its existing Configuration Manager 2007 infrastructure to ensure that the computers you manage meet this federal compliance requirement and generate the requisite FDCC reports for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The System Center Configuration Manager Extensions for SCAP convert SCAP files into DCM Configuration Packs for use with Configuration Manager 2007 and they convert DCM compliance reports into SCAP format. This release includes a user guide that provides instructions for using the command-line tools, and detailed information about the mapping between the SCAP data formats and the DCM format.
The System Center Configuration Manager Extensions for SCAP includes the following components:

  • ConfigMgr_Extensions_for_SCAP.msi: This Microsoft Windows Installer (.msi) file includes the command-line tools that you use to convert SCAP data files to DCM Configuration Packs and also convert DCM reports into SCAP format and the following two documents.
    • System Center ConfigMgr Extensions for SCAP User Guide.docx: This user guide provides instructions and commands for the tool.
    • Data Type Mapping for SCAP to DCM.docx: This document illustrates how data elements map between DCM and the SCAP formats including XCCDF and OVAL.
  • System Center ConfigMgr Extensions for SCAP FAQ.docx: This document contains frequently asked questions and answers about the Configuration Manager Extensions for SCAP.



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