‘Keeps,’ ‘Stops,’ and ‘Starts’: It’s about time for time management

The New Year is still young, and I hope you are already achieving some of your New Year’s objectives. I know I am — well, sort of — achieving them but not quite at the pace I had hoped.

In today’s T-Suite Podcast, I speak with a good friend of the podcast, Alexis Haselberger. We talk about how you can plan for your success in the coming year with some good ideas on time management. We walk through our Keeps (what do we should keep doing), our Stops (what we should we stop doing), and our Starts (what we should start doing). It is a fun and useful exercise especially helpful for all you frazzled IT pros put there, and a good regimen you can use throughout the year.

As always, Alexis shares excellent time management advice on how to make sure your objectives are achievable and have fun getting there.

You can reach Alexis here and download her best year yet plan here.

Special thanks to Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, for introducing me to Alexis.

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