Tab: “Access Control” is missing

You like to reconfigure your network and expect to find in the “Control-Panel” as part of the “Network“-applet the possibility to define the “Access Control“:

But this tab is missing ! How can that be and how can it be fixed ?

Solution provided by John Lee and Mark Chapman of Logica plc:
Policies & policy editor (poledit)
The system manager of a large network, eg a corporate NTor Netware logon server network, may wish to limit the functionality of the connected PCs for security reasons, or so that the users cannot use all of the functionality of win95 or the network.
Win95 provides a tool called “poledit“, which can be used for creating and editing ‘policies’ which can be used by the system manager to restrict much of the normal win95 functions, eg the layout and content of the screen and the icons, the network access, logon and many other things. On these networks, the
policy can be imposed every time you logon, so it can reset any changes the user makes using poledit.

Note that poledit works by changing the registry and should only be used with care
– you have been warned!!!!
Before using poledit see help in poledit and in the resources kit

If your PC was previously connected to a NT or Netware logon network, (especially one in a large organization), and you then want to use the PC on another private network, follow the procedures described to change the protocol.
You then need to share a disk or printer, and should use the ‘access control‘ tab under “Control-Panel” / “Network” ‘ to set up the sharing mechanism (Sharing and Mapping). However, if there is no “access control” tab visible, you will not be able to do this and will not be able to share your disk or printer.
The reason that the “access control” tab is missing may be that it has been ‘hidden’ as part of the network ‘policy‘.
In order to make the tab visible, you need to edit the policy using “poledit
(part of the Win95 CD or download from:
– Go into Win95\admin\apptools\poledit and run poledit.exe
– Click on Admin.adm and click open
– Click File then Open Registry
– Double Click Local User
– Click on control Panel, Network, Restrict Network Control
– Unclick Hide Access Control Tab (at the bottom of the screen)
– Exit and Save
You should now have the correct tab available to you.

I am grateful to John Lee and Mark Chapman of Logica plc for the
information about this problem and on policies and poledit.

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