Azure AD

Zero Trust security: A Microsoft approach

Don’t believe everything behind a corporate firewall is safe. Believe in Zero Trust instead — just the way Microsoft does.

1 month ago

Eliminating passwords with conditional access: Never login again

Everyone hates passwords, so what if you never have to login again? We can take a big step forward in…

3 months ago

Introducing Microsoft Graph PowerShell module: A look under the hood

Until recently, there was no easy way to work with the Microsoft Graph API from PowerShell. But the new Microsoft…

1 year ago

Bye-bye passwords: Switching to phone sign-in for Microsoft authentication

Microsoft is rolling out “phone sign-in,” an easier and more secure way to access your accounts without having to use…

3 years ago

Active Directory modernization: A practical framework to begin the journey

Business continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and traditional models for implementing Active Directory may no longer be optimal.…

3 years ago

Microsoft Intune and EMS Conditional Access now generally available in Azure

IT pros who use Microsoft Intune can now manage all Intune MAM and MDM capabilities in one consolidated experience while…

4 years ago

XenMobile and Azure AD announce new collaboration

XenMobile and Azure AD have announced a collaboration that can help IT admins untangle the often complex task of managing…

4 years ago

Azure AD B2B collaboration is now generally available

Azure AD B2B collaboration, which allows companies to securely collaborate with other organizations, is out of public preview and is…

4 years ago

Pros and cons of Azure AD Join

Azure AD Join lets you join a computer running Windows 10 to an Azure Active Directory Domain. Unfortunately, it's not…

4 years ago

It's here: Azure MFA with RADIUS authentication

Azure MFA with RADIUS authentication is here, which is awesome because it's now on the cloud and no longer requires…

4 years ago