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Export Microsoft Teams conversations with CLI for Microsoft 365

There’s no direct way to export Microsoft Teams conversations. But this script gets the job done using CLI for Microsoft…

1 week ago

Manage Microsoft 365 and SharePoint with CLI for Microsoft 365

CLI for Microsoft 365 is a cross-platform tool that helps you manage and tweak Microsoft and SharePoint configurations no matter…

1 month ago

Securing Microsoft 365: Interview with CoreView’s Doug Hazelman

Microsoft 365 has become the go-to collaboration and workflow solution for businesses. But securing a large Microsoft 365 tenant can…

1 month ago

Windows 365: Microsoft brings the operating system to the ‘Cloud PC’

Software-as-a-service has been very profitable for Microsoft. So, it’s no surprise Windows 365 — the “Cloud PC” — will be…

3 months ago

Managing SharePoint from the Microsoft 365 admin center

When you make the move to Microsoft 365, there are some changes in how you manage SharePoint. But in this…

3 months ago

Internet down? Hey, what’s going on with our cloud service?

Hey, our website is down. Nope, I guess our Internet connection must be down. No, just some parts of the…

5 months ago

Creating Microsoft 365 accounts causes confusion with hybrid mode

Adding users and licenses with Microsoft 365 is usually a straightforward process, but if you have a hybrid deployment, haste…

5 months ago

Microsoft Cloud App Security: Everything you need to know

Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) is a monitoring and an authenticator tool that protects your data and applications. Let’s learn…

6 months ago

Microsoft Teams Calendar syncing with Exchange 2016/2019

One of the biggest challenges admins face is syncing Calendar information from on-premises Exchange to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

7 months ago

New way to enable multifactor authentication for Microsoft 365

The process of enabling multifactor authentication in Microsoft 365 has changed. Here’s what you need to do — and what…

8 months ago