Trench Tales: Using AI to strengthen cybersecurity

Cybercriminals are getting smarter, so businesses need smarter defenses. AI-powered cybersecurity solutions might be the answer.

3 months ago

Cisco warns of IOS IE security vulnerability

Any users of Cisco's IOS IE operating system will want to patch this vulnerability as soon as possible to avoid…

3 months ago

Cisco patches multiple critical IOS XE vulnerabilities

IOS XE is a popular train of the Cisco IOS operating system that sees widespread use. All the more reason…

4 months ago

Cisco patches vulnerability in small business routers

Cisco has already released numerous patches this year, and there’s a new one that closes a vulnerability in two of…

10 months ago

Cisco releases 41 new patches, 29 for 'high-severity' issues

If you are an IT pro in charge of Cisco products, there are a number of new patches for you…

1 year ago

Cisco Firepower Management Center severe vulnerability revealed

The year is not off to a great start for Cisco. The company revealed a severe vulnerability in its Cisco…

2 years ago

PHP community taking stand against vulnerabilities

By today’s coding standards, PHP is downright ancient, but it still has its supporters. The PHP community is pulling together…

4 years ago

Dealing with the top 5 enterprise database issues

Businesses rely on databases for storing sensitive data, so securing them is a high priority. Here’s how to stop database…

5 years ago

Oracle patches record number of vulnerabilities

Oracle has released its official July critical update patch. In this patch a record number of 276 vulnerabilities are fixed,…

5 years ago