TCO Comparison of Enterprise Mobile Solutions

TCO Comparison of Enterprise Mobile Solutions: Windows Mobile and RIM is a comparative lab-based study of mobile platforms benchmarking the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Messaging and Security Feature Pack coupled with Exchange Server 2003 SP2 solution against the RIM Blackberry Handheld 4.x and Blackberry Enterprise Server 4.x.

The study was conducted by Wipro Product Strategy and Architecture Practice and sponsored by Microsoft.

The main conlusions are:

The RIM BlackBerry 4.X solution provides users with the appropriate functionality to manage email and PIM data from a mobile device. The RIM BES application includes a comprehensive set of functions and controls for deploying and managing BlackBerry devices and users. The functionality and manageability of this platform enabled the RIM BlackBerry 4.X solution to take the early lead in mobile email technology.

However, with the introduction of Windows Mobile platforms, 5.0 MSFP and 6.0, and Exchange Server 2003 SP2, Microsoft has leveled the technology playing field.

Enterprises planning to deploy mobile solutions should consider the following:

  • The Microsoft solution will minimize both startup and ongoing operational costs as it leverages existing Exchange Server 2003 infrastructure and IT knowledge.
  • The Microsoft solution provides more options from third party applications and enables more rapid application development leveraging the .Net environment.
  • The Microsoft solution will scale up to support the growth of mobile users within the existing Exchange Server 2003 environment without the need to continually acquire, install and manage additional infrastructure components.

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